Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Pink Glitter Half Cut Crease

Eyeshadow - Inglot '311,296,297,303' and 63 Blush
Lashes - SOSU 'Belle'
Brows - Cailyn Gelux Brow Gel 'Cocoa'
Liner - Inglot 77 Gel Liner
Glitter - Glitter Express 'Pink Hologram' mixed with Lasplash Fuzzy Flamingo.

Sarah XOXO

Monday, November 14, 2016

Halloween 2016 🎃

I've wanted to be a Mermaid in General since as long as I can remember, so I thought I would live out my fantasy for Halloween.

This has to be my favourite look I've done to date, both Makeup and Costume. Halloween is my favourite time of year, so I was super excited about this. I've never worked with special effects makeup, so I actually really proud that this worked out so well. Also didn't have anytime before Halloween to practice as I'd been working straight to Saturday and I was in Lanzarote the week before.

For the look of scales I used a pair of fishnets over my head and filled in the colours using Eye shadows, I went for ones with a really good pigment and colour outcome cause I didn't want to be building the colour up for hours so I used mostly Inglot eye shadows. Make sure once you place the Fishnets you don't move them cause then the colours just look like mush. 

Product List 
✖️Purple Eye shadow - Paese Cosmetics in 650 Neo 
✖️Turquoise Eye shadow - Inglot 473
✖️Green Eye shadow - 'Hatter' Through the Looking Glass Palette  
✖️'Highlighter' and Middle of Eye - Inglot 116
✖️Eyebrows - Anastasia Beverly Hills in Chocolate 
✖️Tear duct - Inglot 66
✖️Lashes -SoSu in Sara 
✖️Lipstick - Makeup Revolution in Velvet Depravity and Keep Lying for you, also put some Inglot in the center. 
✖️For extra effect for scales I added some Inglot Body Spangles in 28.
✖️Pearls - Craft shop
✖️Liquid Latex - Sculpt Beauty
✖️I made to hook of the top of a metal hanger 
✖️For the blood I used a mixture of Fake Blood from Euro Giant and Ben Nye Scab Blood.  

I found This Green Mermaid skirt on eBay for like £7 and I had the Red Corset Top that I got from Topshop earlier in the summer.

Hope Everyone had a great Halloween. 


Friday, May 27, 2016

Purple Royale

Hello everyone, I have a product list for you today for this look I did around two weeks ago. 

Foundation - Inglot AMC Cream Foundation in LW200
Powder - Rimmel Loose Powder in Translucent.
Concealer - Inglot Under Eye Concealer in 91
Bronzer - Blank Canvas ' Pippa Palette' in Amour
Eye-shadow - Paese in Neo 650
Pigment - Inglot Body Sparkles in 66
Eyebrow Gel - Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Chocolate
Highlight - Catrice Light Infusion 
Liner - Inglot Gel Liner in 77
Lips - Wet n Wild Lip Stain in Lady and the Vamp

Hope you like it, and stay tuned for more.


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

People You Should Follow on Snapchat!

This is a list I've compiled of IRISH absolute Girl bosses and People I really enjoy watching and think you should know about. I'm just going in order of what I have in my phone this is not in preference at all.

I really enjoy these kind of posts because I love finding new people so I hope there's someone here you've never heard of.

*1 Anna Saccone Joly

Anna and her husband Jonathon and 2 kids, Emilia and Eduardo, have a Youtube Channel called the SacconeJolys, utterly hilarious and just the perfect family, Check them out if you don't know them. Anna has a separate Channel called the Style Diet and has her own blog. Her Snapchat is like a behind the scenes of the Daily Vlogs. 

*2 Nicola Costigan

Owner and Creator of Buff and Blend, an Irish Company who sell Makeup Brushes and Lashes. I came across Nicola from Laura Dempsey I think. Nicola is very funny and I LOVE her Dog. She does Makeup tutorials and gives helpful Tips and Advice.

*3 Charlene Flanagan

Shes a Makeup Artist From Sligo,  Also Love her Dog. (Do you see a theme)
She so beautiful, She does Makeup Tutorials and gives really good Advice as well. She has the most amazing wardrobe. 

*4 Erika Fox

I don't know where to start here, I've followed her for nearly 2 years now, Shes an Irish Girl living in New York, Her snaps are amazing, I feel like I live in New York through her , Amazing Style, Love her hair. 

*5 Emma Murray

Shes a fellow Donegal Girl, which makes me a bit biased, She has unreal Style and a really good eye for things. I really like her blog and she was an Intern for some designers at London Fashion Week there recently which she documented in her snaps, defiantly one to watch.

*6 Jane Swarbrigg

Brand Manager for Inglot from Mullingar. Her snaps are a behind the scenes of Inglot's Stores and the girls there and just everything that she does daily. I'm fairly new to following her but I like her. If you love all things Makeup , shes a definite follow.

*7  Katrina Kelly

Katrina is Owner of K2 Hair and Push Makeup. She does great tutorials and also is a great way of finding out when things will be back in stock. Shes very funny, her kids are adorable and shes getting Married soon so that's exciting.

*8 Laura Dempsey

Laura is a Makeup Artist From Waterford, She does Amazing Tutorials, shes really funny and really down to earth but her tutorials you need to them check out!!!
 Seriously Fab. 

*9 Marissa Carter 

The Girlboss of all Girlbosses, Probably my favourite person to watch on Snapchat, Makeup Tutorials and Behind the Scenes of Cocoa Brown. 
Especially Amazing when they go to events like the Oscars.

*10 Rosie Connolly

How is it possible for some to be so beautiful all the time !!!!!
Shes Fab, really good for Product Reviews and Shes always at Makeup Events. She has the most adorable Little Boy.
 Amazing Style and has a good mixed of Designer and High Street Clothes.

Is there anyone you think I should be following on Snapchat? Let me know!
Feel free to follow me on Snapchat!


Sarah XOXO

Friday, February 5, 2016

Pippa Palette | Review

I've been using my Pippa Palette pretty much everyday, since I got it. It is literately the ULTIMATE Palette in my opinion, The kinda ones that you bring with you travelling or throw in your bag for on the go. It has everything you would possibly need for Day/Night.

The eye-shadows are so pigmented especially the darker shades and the highlighter is like OH MY GOD, you almost want to write a personal thank you letter to Pippa O Connor for even creating something so beautiful . Its my favourite thing about this palette and as you can see , and honest to god I actually use this everyday since around about October , It is far from running out. Nowhere near pan. 

 Here are swatches of  Amour (Bronzer) , Pipsy (Blush) and Lulu (Highlighter) , in that order, With flash in the first photo and without in the second photo.

Here are the eye-shadow swatches as you can see they're lovely neutral shades, the last two ( Dodo and K.D) are more for a nighttime look. My advice would be to be super light handed when using these two, especially K.D.

I love this palette and It would make a great present for any girl especially for Valentines Day ( Start hinting ladies).

You can buy the Pippa Palette from most Pharmacy's across Ireland and Online from Here.

 At €34.99 it is super affordable, so no excuses!!!!

Sarah XOXO

Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Hair Update

Hi Guys, bit of a life update here. I've changed my hair again, but this time its gonna be for a long time.

This is as close to my natural colour as I've been in a long long time.

I've had ombre hair for the past 5 years on and off and in between that I was completely blonde, ( Worse Idea Ever), but that didn't suit me so I went back to ombre. I got really sick of the sight of blonde in my hair.

Now Im completely Brunette , and it is Brunette I know it looks Black in photo's. I really like it so lets hope I stay with this for a while. ( Fingers Crossed)

The main reason I dyed it dark other than I think it suits me better is I really want to get extensions, so I think its easier to have one whole colour just to get matched up, does that even make sense?  I think so, It makes sense to me anyway.

Anyways that's all I wanted to say, thats my babbling over.Thanks for reading.

XOXO Sarah.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Tanning Routine | Cocoa Brown

The only tan I have ever used and actually liked is Cocoa Brown. With having really sensitive skin Im really careful with what I use, especially regarding skincare.

Ever girl no matter who you are or where your from, you feel fab after you've tanned, Don't try to deny it. You know its true. So when ever I get tan as a present or buy it myself, its like a streamer goes of inside me and Im like yay!!

Cocoa Brown is not only a brilliant tan that lasts and lasts but it smells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!
It smells like a sandy beach and it makes me so happy. Then with the added of bonus of looking great from being tanned.

I usually tan every second week if not every week with 1hr Tan and then every time I feel Im getting a bit pale, I'll lash on a bit of Gentle Bronze just to let my skin breath a bit from the Tan. I also Tantour once a week, but I'll do a separate blog post on that.

The tan and the gradual tanner both fade out flawlessly on me, the only problem area's I have are my neck and the insides of my elbows as they get dry, but that's just me.

 The tan will stay on for a full week with one application so its good for a Pre- holiday glow.

Its also very Inexpensive at on €7.99 in most Pharmacy's and It is available in nearly every Pharmacy that you go into.

Do you have a preferred tan? Tell me about it below.

XOXO Sarah.